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For the past 20 years, Yachts Galapagos has been providing clients with one single assurance: when you choose to travel with us you will receive only the best service, accommodations and guidance for the expedition of a life-time in our one of a kind destinations.

Over time, we have learned that there is just one way to see this world and that way is through a real-life experience in which participation and interaction are the essential ingredients.  We are sure that our destinations will capture your mind, in the very same way that they captured ours.  Our deep involvement and understanding of these destinations has magnified our efforts towards their conservation.  As a result, we have all become meaningful actors in this essential cause, involving ourselves at all possible levels of participation so that future generations are able to see precisely the same natural wonders that inspired us in the beginning.


The U.S. based NGO, Animal Balance, has been working in Santa Cruz, San Christobal, and Isabela over the last several years attending to what is arguably the least recognized and valued animal population in Galapagos – stray dogs and cats.



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